Account Roles & Permissions

Account/Location Contacts may be assigned to different Roles. Within each role is a set of Permissions and Conditions for things such as the ability to view company Orders, or to restrict a user from placing Orders that are over a certain dollar amount.

Default Roles

By default, Zoey supplies default Roles that may be edited and additional roles can be created in Customers > Roles & Permissions:

Contact TypeRole
Main ContactManager, Billing, or Shipping
Additional ContactBuyer, or Buyer with Restrictions

Each Role can have a different level of permission to place orders for the account and to edit account information.

The Role will also decide which emails the contact receives about the orders they place, or orders placed by other Contacts on their Account.

Main Contact Roles

RoleDefault Permissions
ManagerThe Manager is the primary contact or buyer for the accounts, and has full permissions for the Account, by default. This means they will be able to view all Quotes, Drafts and Orders for their Account, as well as Approve any Quotes that require approval. They will receive all communication and can fully manage the account from the customer portal, including managing the address book, and inviting other contacts.
BillingThe Billing contact is the person who represents the Accounts Payable person within the account. They will only receive invoice emails for the account and are able to log in to pay bills.
ShippingThe Shipping contact will receive shipment tracking emails and can log in to view the status of orders for the account.

Additional Contact Roles

Additional Contact Roles can be linked to a specific Customer Location. This allows your customers to have Buyers which are only able to place orders for a specific Location. These Buyers can also be limited to place orders under a certain amount.

RoleDefault Permissions
BuyerA Buyer is an additional contact for the account who can place Orders. They can only see their own Orders, and will only receive emails for their own Orders.
Buyer with RestrictionsA Buyer with Restrictions can only see their own Quotes and Drafts. They are not allowed to place orders. They are further restricted in that any Quotes and Draft Orders they submit will require Approval from the Location Manager before they can be converted to an Order.

Adding/Editing a Role

Role information is very basic:

  • Label: A Name for the Role
  • Description: A place where you can put in notes about why you created this role. This is for 'internal' use only.
  • Role Type: Main Contact Role or additional Contact Role.

Role Permissions allow you to configure the Permissions and "Conditions" that are unique to this Role.

  • The Permissions are the 'check-box' settings. They configure what a user is allowed to see, or do.
  • A Condition allows you to set-up a reason why an Order may not be placed by this user, or why a Quote will require approval before it may be converted to an order.

Assigning Roles & Permissions to Contacts

In Customers > Accounts > Contacts tab, when adding or editing a Contact, you may assign the role here. This determines the permissions they have in your store for their account.

Assigning Roles for each Account Location

When Additional Contact role type is selected, the Contact can be given a different role at multiple Account Locations. They will only be able to see orders placed for their Locations. Their Additional Contact Role can be configured so that certain emails and permissions are enabled for this Contact at each Location.

Click on Change after selecting Additional Contact type to assign the Contact to Locations.

Quote Approval

If a Role's Conditions require "Approval" before the quote may be converted to an order, this is what will happen:

  • First the user will submit the quote. If the conditions require approval, an email will be sent to the Location/Company Manager (or those with the Role Permission: Allowed to Approve Quotes)

The Quote will also tell the user that it requires Approval from

For the Customer with permissions to approve quotes, the other user's Quote will be visible in My Account > My Quotes with an orange bar and a message that the quote requires approval.

In the Admin, any quote that requires approval will also be highlighted with an orange bar and a message: This quote needs approval.

Lastly, the Quote can be approved by clicking the "Approve Quote" button at the top or bottom of the page.

Once approved, the user who submitted the quote will receive an email and be able to click "Convert To Order".

Add Addresses

Company Managers and users with the Admin role will have the ability to add addresses to the Account's locations during checkout. For Restricted Buyers and other custom roles, you can grant permission to Add Addresses In Checkout by enabling the associated setting in the Role Permissions.