Setting up Shipping Rates

There are 2 Types of Shipping Rates available in Zoey. Flat Rates and API Rates.

To manage your Shipping Rates, navigate to Settings > Shipping Methods

Flat Rates (or No-Rate)

Configure Flat Rates or Table Rates based on different parameters.

Free Shipping

The Free Shipping method allows you to configure free shipping if over a certain amount. This method can also be triggered using Promotions > Discounts Rules

Flat Rates

You can have up to 15 different "Flat Rate" methods which can be used for things like: Flat Fee (i.e. $X), Customer Pick-up, Customer Account or a "No Rate" option where you simply tell the customer that "Shipping Rates will be Calculated and Invoiced At time of Shipping."

Table Rates/Matrix Rates

Table and Matrix allow you to upload a unique spreadsheet of rates based on Shipping Destination and Grand Total, Number of Items, or Order Item Weights.

API Rates (UPS, USPS, FedEx)

If you have an account with one of the three major US carriers, you can use your account to pull calculated API Rates in real time for your orders. Rates are based on the Origin, Destination and Order Weight and can use your negotiated rates. This is for Parcel Only.


For advanced logic or for connecting to Freight/LTL/FTL carriers, you can use Shipper HQ