Email Settings


Prevent emails from going to SPAM!

You MUST change the SPF Record to have:

An SPF record lists all authorized hostnames / IP addresses that are permitted to send email on behalf of your domain. If your SPF record does not contain, emails from Zoey will likely go to spam.

Zoey keeps you and your customers informed at every stage of the ordering process. From customer registration, to invoices and shipments. You can configure emails to alert internal and external team members when an order is placed or updated, send buyers updates (including notes above/beyond shipping and processing alerts), and more.


What customer Contacts are sent which emails?

A Contact's Role will determine which emails they receive. Learn more in the next section: Customer Account Contact Roles

Getting To Emails

Go to Settings > Emails. Here you can edit Global Settings that affect all emails. Please review these settings in your site before proceeding.

  • Email Logo lets you upload the logo you would like displayed on your emails.
  • Sender Email Addresses allows you to edit the sender email address for all messages sent from Zoey.
  • Office Emails will appear when sending Emails in the Orders, Payments, Shipments, and Credit Memo screens. It is a shortcut instead of having to type them in each time.


Zoey is not authorized to send emails from external email servers.

Emails must be sent from an email address that has its SPF record configured.

Before you list an email address Learn how to add our SPF TXT here.

Configuring Emails

All emails that can be sent are listed in the the email settings. The Header and Footer are included at the top or bottom of every email. You can click on any of these email templates to modify their details.

Disable an Email

Let's say you wanted to disable an email.

To disable an email from ever being sent, find the email template based on its name and click on it. You could then set Enable to No. That will prevent this email from ever being sent.

Add Recipient to Email

Maybe you need to add recipients to emails referencing invoices, orders, or shipments

Those templates will contain the Send Order Email Copy To field for you to input additional recipient email addresses.

Changing the contents of an email

You can completely change any email in Zoey by editing its template.

The template below is for the New Order email.


You can click <> to edit the HTML. Emails in Zoey can be completely redesigned by a member of your team.

With PDFs for Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Packing Slips and Credit Memos, you can control both design and content.