Invoicing an Order

Creating an invoice for an order converts the temporary sales order into a permanent record of the order, which cannot be canceled.

Go to the Orders page and select the order you want to invoice.

Click on the Invoice button at the top of the page.

Add Invoice Comments (optional)

Enter extra information about the order or unique instructions for your customer from Invoice Comments.

Shipping (Optional)

You may Ship and add Tracking information at this time, or you may skip this step and ship later (Shipping instructions to follow).


Select method of payment.

Submit Invoice

When your invoice is ready to be completed, scroll to Invoice Totals. You will have a few options before submitting your invoice.

Email Copy of InvoiceClick this checkbox to send your customer a copy of the invoice.
Append CommentsUse this option to send customized information about the order. The checkbox is only editable if you click Email Copy of Invoice.