Importing Order History


You can import your past Orders into Zoey!


There is not currently an import for this. Please reach out to your Implementation Specialist with your configured import file.

The Template

Please use the Guide for instructions on what each column header means and required fields.

Copy the Guide and Template to your Google Drive

Download the Template as CSV Here!

How to import your Order History

  1. Download the Zoey Order Template file.
  2. Take your existing Order data and bring it over to our template. We have included some explanations for each column on the Guide sheet. Be sure to satisfy all required fields. Every order must have Shipping and Billing information.
    1. It is critical that the Account, Account Location, Contact Email, and Item SKUs match what already exists in Zoey.
    2. Each item on an order must be listed on sequential rows.
  3. Reach out to your Implementation Specialist with your file.