Theme Design Quick Start Guide

This article will detail each recommended step to design your store's theme.


We have many resources to help you design your store!

Utilize our Intelligent Search AI by typing your question into the search bar and then hit enter! A full-form response will be provided by the AI using information from across our articles.

Find a full list of Theme Design resources here.


Changes to your theme do not auto-save and cannot be reverted once saved!

Before making changes to a live page, duplicate the page and edit the copy.

You can publish the test page to view your edits. The page will have a unique URL which isn't exposed to the live store. This way, your changes won't affect customers browsing your store.

Theme Pages

Your Theme is made up of Pages. Each individually designed to make up your store. A good tip is to duplicate your page before making big changes. You may want to retain the original Wholesale Customer Portal by duplicating it before editing.

You can also edit Unpublished pages without effecting your live store. Learn more here.

The following will quickly guide you on how to create your Zoey Online Store!


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