Linking Sales Reps to Accounts or Customers


NOTE: Sales Reps must be added to your Team > User List before they can be assigned to Accounts:

Adding Sales Reps

Use the full Email address for the sales rep. If multiple sales reps, you may comma-separate.

Account CSV Import Column Header: account_sales_rep_emails

Sample File Below

22[email protected],[email protected]

Export your Accounts to get the IDs

  • Go to Accounts > Account List.
  • Check the box to the left of Account to select all. And then select all in the center of the green bar.
  • Go to Bulk Actions > Export Account Data
  • Keep the account_id, account_name (optional for reference) columns, and add a column for account_sales_rep_emails. Delete out all other data.

Import your CSV


Note: If you keep the address data from the export, and import using "Append" it will duplicate the addresses.

  • Use the Accounts importer located between the Advanced Search and Bulk Actions.
  • Drag and Drop or upload your file.
  • Use the Import Behavior: Append

Remove Sales Reps from Accounts

To remove sales reps from Accounts, leave the accounts_sales_rep_emails field blank. Import using the "Replace" import behavior.