Product FAQ's

Q: Can I duplicate an existing product?

A: Yes, products can be duplicated by opening the drop down next to Save from within the Product's Settings.
Click here for steps to Duplicate a Product

Q: Are there any requirements for SKU creation?

A: Yes, SKUs must be unique (no duplicates), cannot have spaces nor any special characters other than a hyphen (-) or underscore ( _ ). If you are syncing to QuickBooks, your SKUs need to match. If you are syncing to NetSuite, you must add a custom attribute netsuite_product_id

Q: Are there prerequisites for importing my product data?

A: In most cases, you will want to categorize your products for website navigation. If you are using Configurable products, you must set up Custom Attributes in Zoey before you can import. Learn more here.

Q: How do I attach images to my products

A: You may manually upload images to products, import image file links, or upload images to Zoey first to get importable file paths.

Q: What if the file links I use for Product Images get deleted or the image link source no longer exists?

A: No worries! Once you import images to Zoey, they will be stored in your Zoey database, and will no longer be dependent on the image link source.

Q: What size do my images need to be?

A: These are our product image size recommendations.

Q: How do I update prices or quantities with a csv?

A: You only need these columns: sku, price, qty. You can easily get a csv of you skus in Products > Select All > Bulk Actions > Export Basic Product Data. Update this csv, save and import to Products using the Import Behavior: Append. Note: if you leave any fields blank, they will override existing data with a zero.

Q: How do I add price lists to my products?

A: Price lists are created using Customer Group Pricing.

Q: I added a new attribute value to an existing Configurable SKU but I can't link a new simple SKU to it, why?

A: Whenever you add a new variation (attribute) value to a Configurable SKU, you must also add the same value as a Custom Attribute to the variation simple SKU you want to link. Learn more about linking Simple SKUs to Configurable SKUs.

Q: I'm getting an error when importing my Configurable Products Template "attribute isn't super." What does that mean?

A: When linking simple skus to a configurable sku, you must have an attribute by which you will select a variation, like size or color. On the import template, that is a super_attribute. In Products > Attributes, click on the attribute causing the error, and check the box for Enable Attribute to be used in Configurable Products Custom Attributes.

Q: How do I restrict products to specific customers?

A: You can restrict products to Accounts, specific Customers or Account Locations. You can also restrict entire Categories and the products within. Learn more here. Note: The Accounts, Customers or Locations listed CAN view and buy the product(s). Anyone note listed will not have access to the product(s).

Q: Do I need to create a different SKU for case-packs or pallets of products?

A: No, you can use the same SKU you sell by individual units, and add packaging to sell by the case, box or pallet. Learn about Quantity Increments and Packaging.

Q: Can I enforce a Minimum Order Quantity on the product level?

A: Yes, you may set a minimum order quantity for specific products, as well as groups of products combined, in order for your customers to be able to check out. Learn more here.

Q: How can I allow customers to select a product even if it is out of stock, and not display that the product is Out of Stock?

A: In Products > Settings > Inventory Management, set Backorders to Allow Qty Below 0 or Allow Qty Below O and Notify Customer, enter the Qty for Item's Status to Become Out of Stock, and set Allow Above Quantity to be Purchased to Yes. More about Inventory Management Trouble Shooting products showing Out Of Stock

Q: Why can't I find my product in my Store?

A: There are a few reasons you may not be seeing your products in your storefront:

  1. Visibility. You must have your products set to **4. Visible in Catalogue and Search** in Products > Product Edit > Visibility, or **visibility** is 4 on the product import csv.
  2. Products must be assigned to a category to appear in your store. If you are not using any category navigation, you should use a not-visible category called Homepage Products.
  3. Refresh your data by re-Indexing your store.

Q: I updated my prices so why am I still seeing the old prices on my website?

A: The number reason why changes made in the Admin don't show up on your website is you need to re-index and flush cache.