Mobile App FAQ's

Q: How many people can be logged into Zoey at the same time?
A: One email address may be logged into the Zoey App on two mobile devices and the Web Admin on a desktop or laptop computer at the same time. More than that will log everyone out.

Q: I'm not seeing my product images. How can I view images?
A: If your images did not download upon syncing your Zoey store, you can click on the profile icon in the top right of the home screen, and click on the link: Downloads Product Images

Q: What happens if I'm at a trade show and don't have good wifi?
A: From the Zoey home screen, go to the Profile Icon and turn off Auto Sync. Turning off Auto-Sync allows you to use the app in an environment with no wifi or cellular service. New Customers, Orders and Quotes created with Auto-Sync off will be synced to your store once you re-enable Auto-Sync. To get product and stock updates, you will also have to manually sync your store from the Home Screen or Profile Screen.

Q: How do I delete an Order?
A: Orders can not be deleted from the Zoey App. Deleing Orders may only be done in the Web Admin.

Q: Can I print an Order?
A: Yes, select an Order from the Orders / Quotes screen. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Here you will find options to email and print the order

Q: How I edit the price or apply a discount?
Swiping left (iOS) or long pressing (android) on a product in the cart will give you the options to Set Qty, Set Price or Delete. Click on Set price to apply a custom price, discount or markup.

Q: Can I mark where the order was placed, like a trade show, showroom or with the buyer?
A: Yes, you may create an Order Attribute with a drop-down menu to label the origin of an Order.

Q: When entering a new customer should I create them in Customers or Accounts?
A; Create a new Customer first, then create a new Account or select an existing Account and add the Customer as an Account Owner.