Assigning Net Terms to Accounts

An Account may be given Net Terms with a specified deferred payment term or payback grace period, and Credit Limit. The Account's Net Terms will be shared with all of the Account's Locations unless you give the Location it's own Net Terms or un-check Net Terms in the Location's Allowed Payment Methods.

Once enabled you can set time limits, credit limits, and put customized language in the checkout to help an account remember what is specifically allowed.


Learn More about Net Terms Features, Payments and Statements

Net Terms Features

The Template

These CSV column headers below may be added to your main Accounts import spreadsheet.

Net Terms values should be lower case with no spaces: net10, net15, net30, net60, net90.

How To Use This Template

You will be given the option to View or Save a Copy of the template. We recommend saving a copy.
The Template will have 2 Tabs:

  • Guide - This tab will provide requirements and tips for each column in the template.
  • Blank Template - This tab will only contain the column headers for you to copy/paste your data into.


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