Orders may paid via ACH or Credit Card when the order is placed. Other payment methods will need to be applied to the open Order.

Applying a Payment to an Order in the Admin

In Orders > Orders List click on the Order you want to pay. Click the Invoice button at the top of the page. You may mark the Order as Paid whether or not an Invoice has been generated.

Capture Offline will allow you to mark the Order as Paid when you receive an offline payment such as a check, cash or ACH bank transfer.

Capture Online allows you to capture an authorized Credit Card payment.

Pay Now will open a pop-up window to enter Credit Card details.


Partial Payments may only be applied in the admin by adjusting the Qty of the Items in the Invoice window.

Applying a Payment to an Order in the Customer Portal


Allow customers to initiate invoice pay from the store front.

In Orders > Settings > Invoicing > Allow Customer Invoice Pay = Yes

In the Customer Portal > My Orders, click on an Order to view and pay.

If no invoice has been generated from the admin, there will be a PAY NOW button at the top right of the order.

If an Invoice has been generated from the admin, scroll down to the bottom of the order, to the Totals & Payment Section > Unpaid Invoices > Pay Now.

Applying a Payment to an emailed Invoice.

When an Invoice is emailed to a customer, the email will have a button to Pay Now.


You must have an online payment method enabled in Settings > Payment Methods such as Stripe Credit Card and/or ACH, Credit Card or PayPal .


When an Invoice and Payment are generated simultaneously, the customer will only receive a New Payment email, not an Invoice email.