Adding Variations to Existing Configurable Products

Adding Variations via CSV


When adding Variations to a Configurable SKU, you will need to create the Simple SKUs with their configurable Custom Attributes first, and then link them to the existing Configurable SKUs.

This 2-Step template consists of two import files. Import the Variations first, and then import the Link.

The Template

This 2-Step Template has 2 "Guide" tabs and 2 "Blank Template" tabs. Use the Guide Tabs to learn what data is expected to go into which columns. Enter your product data in the Template tabs.


Please either download and save this file as a CSV or make a copy in Google Drive.

The template cannot be globally shared.

You may add Customer Group Pricing or Increments and Packaging to the Variation Template.


Click Here to Save A Copy Of This Template to your Google Drive

Or click here to download the file as .xlsx Please be sure to save your import template as a csv before importing!

Adding Variations to Configurable SKUs Manually


If you are using Customer Group Pricing or Increments & Packaging on your variations, it is best to create them as Simple Products first.

Make sure your simple skus have the Custom Attribute used as the Variation Value (Super Attribute) on the Configurable SKU.

Then you can link them to the existing Configurable SKu(s).

Step 1: Add Variation Values to the Configurable SKU.

Step 2: Link Products

NOTE: Zoey will autogenerate new Variation SKUs for any combination of the new Variation Values you just added.

Option 1: Use the autogenerated products and rename the SKU if desired. Add custom pricing and quantities here. If you are using Customer Group Pricing or Packaging, you will need to update these variation SKUs after saving.

Option 2: : Click Link Products and add existing Simple SKUs.


These Simple SKUs must have the same Custom Attribute Values as the Variation Values you just added to the Configurable SKU you are linking them to.