Data & Requirements

Let's get ready for Module #1

You will be asked to compile and conform your product data into the Zoey Templates provided in module #1.

Right now let's focus on identifying where your product data lives, and how to start getting it ready for Zoey.


Start thinking ahead to Module #2 - Customer Portal Setup

What do you want your customer experience to be? Begin thinking about the look, feel and functionality of your Zoey store.

  • Do you have a website you are trying to mirror or other websites' inspiration?
  • Compile Images and Assets to design your theme.
  • Ensure your Product Categories and Attributes are set up the way you would like customers to navigate the portal.
  • Gather Forms, Policies, About Us and Social Media Links to add to your Customer Portal.


Start thinking ahead to Module #3 - Customer Import

It is important to know that Zoey has very strict requirements for customer data integrity. To get it into Zoey you will be asked to compile and conform that data into the Zoey Templates (provided in Module 3).

Our data requirements are listed below:

  • Email Addresses - Every Customer in Zoey requires a unique email address. You may use 'dummy' email addresses if needed.

  • First/Last Name - While not required, there are certain aspects of Zoey that work best when each email address is accompanied by a First and Last Name. Please provide names as 2-columns (First Name & Last Name)

  • Address Format - Zoey has very strict requirements for importing customer addresses. Each address MUST have the following fields as separate columns: Street Address (1 & 2 combined), City, State (2-letter code only), Zip, Country, Telephone (numbers and dashes only). Optional Address Fields are: Company Name, First Name, Last Name, Address Type (Commercial/Residential)


Start thinking ahead to Module #10 - Go Live! (and your Domain)

When you go-live with Zoey, your customers will never see the name "Zoey". All web-pages, emails, PDFs etc... will be branded with your company's name and logo. So you will need to have a Domain (or SubDomain) dedicated to Zoey. Typical examples are:


On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!!!!!

If you've reached the bottom of this page, you're ready to start Module #1. Use the link below to move on from the Welcome Module and begin learning about Zoey Products and how to bring in your Product Catalog.

What’s Next