Tabs on the Product List

Default Tabs:

These are the tabs you will see by default when using the Zoey Admin. They can be modified and deleted.
The Visible tab will only show products that your customers can see on your store.
The All tab shows all products that are not disabled. This includes products that are not visible individually to your customers Variations.

Click Here to learn more about Variation Products
###Low Stock
The Low stock will show any product that is out of stock, or below your "Low Stock Threshold"

Set your Low Stock Threshold by clicking the link in the tool-tip, or by navigating to Products > Settings.
The disabled tab will show any products that have been disabled. Disabled products will not show in any other tab.

Editing/Adding Tabs

  • To edit an existing tab, click the three vertical dots to the right of the tabs > Manage Tabs > click on the pencil icon when hovering on that tab.
  • To add a new tab, click on the three vertical dots to the right of the tabs > Add New Tab.

Add a new tab by creating a filter either with a basic text search or with "Advanced" filtering by attribute. If you are on a tab that already has some or all of the filters you want applied, check "Apply Current Tab's Filters". Give the Tab a Label and Description (optional) and click "Save Tab"

The Shared Tab feature allows users to create private tabs, share with specific users, or share with all users on your Team.