Section 1: Theme Branding

Colors, Fonts, and Logos, Oh My!

Text and Button Colors

Start by selecting the default colors for your web store. The Fonts and Colors menu has a walkthrough here.

Primary Color Palette

Choose the color for text Headings, and Subheadings. You should also set the Secondary Color Palette.

Select your Button background color, text color, and on-hover variants. You can hover over the examples to see how your colors are applied. We can make more changes to these buttons after we get a sense of where they are being used.


Be sure to set your Secondary Color Palette as well!


In the Asset Manager you can add your font files.


The font file needs to be .woff. TrueFont files will not work.

Click on Add Asset >Upload a File. The corresponding font will be accessible in the Theme Fonts & Colors tool for assigning to global classes.


Your logo may be uploaded to the File Manager for adding to your website, as well as your Customer Portal login page and Theme Assets.

Replace the default logo in your store with yours! Click on the logo, then click Edit Logo.