Checklist for Order Management Setup


Download a copy of the Order Processing Checklist here.

Use this checklist as a guide to go through the Checkout process and make sure everything is working properly.

  • Shipping Methods Setup and Rates are Working
    Notes: Shipping methods are located in Settings > Shipping Methods. Tutorial

  • Payment Methods in Live Mode and Working
    Notes: Payment methods are located in Settings > Payment Methods Tutorial

  • Checkout Settings Reviewed and OK
    Notes: Checkout settings are located in Web Settings > Cart Settings Tutorial

  • Quote Submit Settings Reviewed and OK
    Notes: Quote Submit settings are located in Quotes > Settings Tutorial

  • 3rd Party Payment and Shipping / Fulfillment Apps Integrated and Tested
    Notes: Tutorial

  • Data Loaded on Mobile App
    Notes: Tutorial

  • DNS SPF (TXT) Record is Configured for Emails


Prevent emails from going to SPAM!

You MUST change the SPF Record to have:

An SPF record lists all authorized hostnames / IP addresses that are permitted to send email on behalf of your domain. If your SPF record does not contain, emails from Zoey will likely go to spam.