Creating Orders in the Mobile App

Start a New Order / Quote

Click on the START A NEW ORDER / QUOTE button to get started.
You may also create an order starting from the Accounts / Customers screen and the Products screen.


Click on the Products Icon at the bottom to view product and add them to the Cart and create an Order or Quote, or to save as a Draft.

Adding Products to the Cart

Use the + or - buttons to change the quantity of click in the center, on the number to manually enter a quantity. This will automatically add the quantity to the cart.

Sorting Your Products

Click on the four rectangles at the top right of the screen. Here you may change the layout from list view to grid view. You may sort by the following:

  • ID
  • Name
  • Price
  • Date

Cart Checkout

Click on the Cart icon.



Here you may Select Customer > Select the Account or Customer you want to place the order for, or you may click on the + sign and add a new Account or Customer. You also have the option to continue with a Guest Customer.

Customer Group

This will automatically update when you select a Customer. You may change the group from here if you would like.


You may edit the quantity of items in your cart from here. You may also edit the price.
Swiping left (iOS) or long pressing (android) on a product in the cart will give you the options to Set Qty, Set Price or Delete.


Set Price

  • Apply Custom Price
  • Apply % Reduction (Discount)
  • Apply % Markup
  • Revert to Original Price

Submit As Order / Quote or Save As Draft

Scroll to the bottom for options:

Submit As Order - this will prompt you to select a Shipping Method, Payment Method, and Send email confirmation to the customer. You may also add Order Comments. Once submitted, you will get an order success message pop-up. The Order is not editable. It is essentially something that is ready to be picked, packed and shipped. When you submit and Order, it should be ready for fulfilling immediately. The Order is also synced to the Wed Asmin and the Customer Portal.

Submit As Quote - this will create a Quote in Pending Status. Prices will not be shown to the customer until set to the Quote Available Status if "Hide Prices for New Quote" is set to Yes in Quotes Settings.. A Quote is used when you want to send it to the customer for review, make changes, post comments and awaiting approval from the customer to Submit as Order. The Quote is editable from both the Mobile App and the Web Admin.

Save As Draft - Save your cart for later. You may save multiple carts as drafts for the same customer. Drafts synced online are available in the Zoey Admin. Name Drafts for easy identification. You can choose whether the Draft is visible to the Customer or not.

Email To Customer - this will give a pop-up to email the items in the cart as a Draft Order. There are no images on the draft.


Accounts and Customers


What's the difference between Account and Customer and which do I want to use?

Account is the Company; main business or organization. Customer is the contact and email address within the Account.

Click on the Accounts Icon at the bottom to Add, View, Edit or Create Order.


Filter Accounts by Sales Rep

Click on the icon at the top right of the Accounts / Customers screen to Filter By Sales Rep.


Create a New Account

Click on the + at the top right and select Create Account.

Enter an Account Name - the name of the Company
Default Customer Group - Please select from the drop down
Account Owner -this is the Customer who will be the main buyer of the company.


Click the Account Owner field to select a Customer or Create Customer.


Create a New Customer

Enter the email address, First and Last Names and the Customer Group. Here you have the option to send a welcome email.

*Note: You'll want your customer to have the same Customer Group as the Account it is linked to.


Create an Order or Quote from the Account screen


Click Create Order For This Account and then Select Customer you would like to place the order for.

  • This will bring you to the products list to add to cart.
  • Add products to the order by entering quantities.
  • Click the Cart Icon to continue to the checkout process.


Note: If using Product Restrictions

When selecting the Account first to place an Order, only products the selected account has access to will appear in the Products list.

Orders / Quotes

Click on the Orders / Quotes icon at the bottom to view Orders, Quotes and Drafts made using the App.

*Note: Only Orders and Quotes made using the app will be visible. You will not be able to view all Orders and Quotes in the Zoey admin from the App.



Why Use Quotes?

If you don't have all the address information for a customer, or shipping and payment methods, or your customer isn't ready to fully commit to an order, but they are interested in some products, you may Submit As Quote.

Quotes may be edited while Orders may not be edited. The Quote may be emailed to the Customer. The Customer may log into their Zoey Account and view the Quote, edit the quote and even convert the quote an Order.

Email and Print Orders

Select Order from the Orders / Quotes screen. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Here you will find options to email and print the order:

  • Send Order To Customer will send the Order to the customer's email
  • Send Order To Me will send to your email
  • Send Order To Email allows you to manually input an email address
  • Print Invoice will download the Invoice with the option to Print or Share (iOS only)

Syncing Pending Carts

Pending carts are Orders / Quotes that were submitted Offline (No network connection / AutoSync switch off) and are pending to be synced.

You can sync all pending carts at the Orders / Quotes screen by pressing "Sync" at the top navigation bar.

Also, a reminder message will be shown at the Home screen "You have un-synced orders", Pressing "Tap to Sync" will sync all pending carts.

You can choose to sync specific cart, by pressing the Upload icon at the top right corner of the Cart Preview Screen.

You can search and view all pending carts in the Orders / Quotes screen.