Welcome to Zoey


Congratulations on taking the first step!

Welcome to the Zoey Team! We're excited to have to you on board.

This training website will be your guide to get from this point, to go-live, whether that's with your Web Admin, Customer Portal or Sales Rep Mobile App.

The expansive features and functionality that Zoey offers to run and accelerate your business will require some time to learn. That amount of time will partially depend on:

  • Your availability to complete the offline modules
  • The quality and cleanliness of your data
  • The number of system integrations that Zoey will communicate with
  • The number of Zoey Features you will be using, and
  • The size of your team that will be using Zoey.

Please plan accordingly and communicate any expected timelines for Go-Live with your Implementation team, so we can best advise you.

What's Next?

To start, you're going to Fill Out This Form so we can collect some information to help build out your personalized learning and implementation plan.

Next you're going to review our Implementation Program to get a better understanding of the steps you will be taking to setup and learn Zoey.

You're on the Zoey Team now! So you should be able to Login to your Web Admin as well as to Add Your Team.

Then it's time to start your first Modules! We kick things off with Importing Your Product data. To prepare for Module #1 we ask you to review our Data & Requirements page.

A little lost? that's ok, just follow the pages of this website in-order and you'll be running through the program. If you have any questions you can visit our Get Help or FAQ pages.

Happy learning!

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