Related Products

Related Products are a great way to help get your customers to buy more products.

Assign Related Products, Up-Sells and Cross Sells in your store to have them appear on Product Pages and the Shopping Cart.

Assigning Related Products To Your Product

On your product edit page, in the Related Products section, you can enable Related, Up-Sell or Cross-Sell.


Learn About Related Products, Up-sell Products, Cross-sell Products

Assign Related Products to Your Product

The Template


Verify Your Products Exist

Both the products and related products must exist in your store. If they do not, please create them before using this template.


How To Use This Template

The Template will have 2 Tabs:

  • Guide - This tab will provide requirements and tips for each column in the template.
  • Blank Template - This tab will only contain the column headers for you to copy/paste your data into.


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