Editing or Canceling Orders

After your customer has placed an order, they are not able to edit anything on the order itself. You as the merchant can edit the Order from the Zoey Admin Orders > Order screen..

Editing the Order Address

In the Order screen, click on the blue Edit link for either Shipping or Billing Address to change address information. This will save without making any other changes to the Order.


Changing address information will not recalculate shipping, tax or other order amount.

Editing an Order

Click on the blue Edit button at the top right of the Order page to add or delete Products, edit the Quantities, apply Custom Prices or change the Shipping or Billing methods.


This will create a new Order

Invoiced items cannot be edited and will remain on the original order. Un-invoiced items will be canceled on the original order then carried over to the new order. If all items in this order are not invoiced, the entire order will be canceled.



You are not able to edit an order without requesting from your customer the credit card or billing information!

This affects only orders placed with credit card payments, Amazon or PayPal payments and other billing methods where the money has already been captured or authorized.

After submitting the new order you will see it in your orders list with a similar order number to the original one. If your original order number is 100000104, the new order number will appear as 100000104-1.

Please note: The original order will change its status to Cancelled.


Please note that canceling an order is irreversible.

Once an order is cancelled you won't be able to set it back to any other status.

Cancelling an Order


You can only cancel orders that have not been processed and are not set to completed.

A completed order will need to be refunded by creating a Credit Memo.

Open the order from your Control Panel > Orders. In the Order Summary Page click on the Cancel button in the top right.

A pop up message will prompt you to confirm the cancellation.

Your canceled orders will appear in your order list with status Canceled while your refunded orders will show the status Closed.