Product Attributes

Custom Attributes lets you add custom information to your products. Attributes play an important role for searching, filtering, sorting, displaying information, and are used for defining Variation/Configurable Products. Some examples of Custom Attributes are: size, color, material, flavor, manufacturer or country of origin.


Managing Product Attributes Via CSV

Once your attributes are added, you can include the "Attribute Code" as the column header in any of your CSV Imports when creating or updating your products. Enter your attribute Values in the column fields.

Step 1: Identifying the need for Custom Attributes

By default Zoey Products have the following fields to fill in information: Name, Description, Short Description (Overview), Barcode

But you may need a place to store more specific product details such as: Product Dimensions,
Materials, Diameter, Class, etc...

Think through the following questions to identify if you need to create Custom Attributes:

  • Am I setting up Configurable Products?
  • Do my products have a series of details or "specs" that our customers and sales reps need to see?
  • Do my products need to be sorted by anything other than Name, Price or a manual sort order I can specify inside of Zoey already?
  • Do I want my products to be filterable into smaller groupings than the Category navigation?
  • Are there any specific values my sales reps and/or customers use to search for products other than name or SKU? (i.e. UPC or other coded value for the product)

Step 2: Creating or Editing Product Attributes

Your Zoey Store will have a few Custom Attributes to start: Barcode, Item Condition, Size and Color


Learn how to create Custom Product Attributes Here

Step 3: Adding Attribute Values


Drop-Down/Multi-Select (Configurable Product Attributes)

Drop-Down or Multi-Select Attributes, like those used for defining Variations/Configurable Products MUST HAVE THEIR POSSIBLE VALUES ADDED otherwise your import will fail.

This means if your products come in different Sizes, those Size values will need to be added to the Size attribute in Products > Attributes > Size.

Once you save a Multiple Select or Drop Down attribute, you will be able to add your values.

Select "Add a New Value" to add values one at a time, or select "Add Multiple Values" to add several attributes at a time, separated by a comma.


Adding Multiple Values

Restricted Staff Account by Product Attribute

If you have Product attribute set to Allow Staff Account Restrictions, a new section in the Role Permissions in Team > Users will show up called "Custom Access" that allows you to limit the Admin User's access by the values of that attribute.

Note: Allow Staff Account Restrictions is only available on Drop-down type attributes.

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