How fast can we get setup?

We typically find it takes between 8-10hrs of Live Zoom Sessions with your implementation team to go-live. But that-said, everyone's business is different and we can't really predict how long it will take for you. Some Zoey businesses can go live within a few weeks, others may take months to compile and clean-up their data and configure the needed integrations.

How much will Zoey do for me?

We'll teach you to be successful with Zoey. We're not going to do it all for you though. You will be responsible for learning how to create/import/update products, manage customers, build your customer portal, setup your integrations, place test quotes and orders, review emails, PDFs and more. If you don't want to do it yourself, we can introduce you to one of our Partners that can speak to you about the services they offer.

How easy/hard is it to build a theme?

Zoey comes out of the box with some basic themes that should get you 90% of the way there pretty easily, but it depends on your own expectations. Zoey is not the tool for designing an award-winning website. It's a tool for quickly launching a functional sales tool and customer portal for your B2B customers. We typically see our users becoming proficient with our Visual Design Editor within 2-4 hours of time spent tinkering, then often another few hours to finish adding final-touches. Beyond that, if you are an experienced graphic designer, web designer or developer, there are tools in Zoey that can be used to launch a more branded/customized website, and you probably know how much hard-work can go into a project like that.

Have a Question? Let us know

If you haven't had your Kick-Off call yet, write down your question and bring it up on the call! Or email your implementation specialists. They're happy to help and might even add it to this page for to help future customers.