Customer Group Pricing

Customer group pricing allows you to upload price sheets for groups or individual customers.

Customer Groups determine Price Lists within the Customer Portal. You can set different prices for individual customer groups that allow you to offer specific prices for wholesale or retail, or other tiers of customers.

Set Customer Group Pricing For Individual Products

Go to your product list and open the product you want to add the customer group prices. Within the product settings page navigate to Pricing
Click on Customer Group Pricing to expand the fields and add different group prices.

By default you will see the NOT LOGGED IN customer group - simply click on the dropdown menu to select the customer group and enter the group price.
To add more group prices click on the button Add Group Price.


The NOT LOGGED IN and the General Customer Group will use the default price for that product.

The Template

The below template can be used stand-alone or added to your Basic Product Import Template.

How To Use This Template

The Template will have 2 Tabs:

  • Guide - This tab will provide requirements and tips for each column in the template.
  • Blank Template - This tab will only contain the column headers for you to copy/paste your data into.


Click Here to Save A Copy Of This Template to your Google Drive

Import using the importer in Products > Product List. Import Behavior = Append.


Re-Index & Refresh Required

Often after running imports you may need to Flush Cache and Re-Index (from the "Refresh" menu in the blue sidebar) to see your changes live. to see your changes live.


Deleting Customer Group Pricing

To delete Customer Group Pricing, use the same template as importing Customer Group Pricing.

  1. Delete any pricing where you want to remove the Customer Group Price and leave that field blank.
  2. Using the Product Importer, select the Import Behavior: Replace.
  3. Re-Index

What’s Next