Creating a Configurable Product

Add a new Configurable product by going to Product List > New Product and selecting Configurable Product.

Product Information

The Product Information section is the same for all product types. Learn more about this section from the Simple Product tutorial


SKU on the Configurable Product

Sometimes called the "Style Code" or "Matrix ID", the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) for the configurable product may not be tied to a shippable product, but it's Variations will be.

The SKU in the Product Information section will be used for generating the Variation SKUs.


The Images section is the same for all product types. Learn more about this section from the Simple Product tutorial

Configurable products can dynamically display different images depending on the Variations selected by the customer. Scroll down to "Variation Images" to learn more.


Configurable Products can have Fixed or Custom pricing

Fixed price means all variations will be the same price. Custom price allows you to specify prices for your variations.

Learn more about how to use Pricing on Configurable Product

Sale, Group and Tier Pricing

Group and Tier pricing in Fixed and Custom mode behave the same for all products.
Click Here to Learn More about Group and Tier Pricing

Inventory & Shipping


Configurable Products Inventory is either tracked on its Variations, or not tracked at all and always in-stock.

Shipping Weight

Shipping Weight (used for shipping rate calculation) can also be specified "Custom" on its variations or have a single "Fixed" weight.


Custom Weight

If you want to assign a different weight to each variation, you can set Shipping Weight to Custom. This will add a field for each variation to set the specific weight.

Advanced Inventory Settings

Click Here to learn more about Min/Max Quantity Allowed, Quantity Increments and Decimal Value Quantities


Variations allow you to specify which options this Configurable Product is available in. For example, Size and Color.


Variations are derived from Attributes

When selecting a Variation you are effectively selecting an Attribute made in Product->Attributes. The values defined in the the Attribute is what is shown in the option list. When creating a Variation you also have the ability to create a new value right from the Product Screen. The same options for Variations can be used across multiple Products


Sorting Variations

Variations are sorted by the order in Product->Attributes, not at the Product Level. To sort the order of the Variations go to Product->Attributes, select the Attribute and then scroll down to the values and you can sort them.

Creating Variations


Creating Variations

Linking Simple SKUs to a Configurable SKU


Linking Products: Super Attributes

The Configurable SKU Variation Values must match the Custom Attributes on the Simple SKU Variation in order to link them.

Configurable SKU Variation Values:

Variations on the Configurable SKU are Product Attributes.


Simple SKU Custom Attributes

This Attribute Value must exist on the Configurable SKU as a Variation Value in order to link the Simple SKU as a variation to the Configurable SKU.


Variation Pricing

Variations can have one "Fixed" price, or individual "Custom" prices.

Click here to lear more about setting custom prices on Variations

Variation Inventory

If you have selected to track inventory on this product, you can manage the Quantity of each variation in the Variations Section

Variation Images

Variation Images are used to display a different image to the user once they have selected the associated variation.

Note: You must have Swatches Enabled for this feature to work
Learn more about Swatches


The limit for variation SKUs is 250!


Variation Weight

You can assign different weight values to your variations by setting your Shipping Weight to Custom.

Your SKUs can be grouped together as unique variations of the same product. For example:

The "Drip Coffee Machine" product (configurable) is a group of shippable SKUs because it comes in different Sizes and Colors (simple products), and no two SKUs have the same combination of Size and Color


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