Shipping an Order


If you are using a third party shipping integration such as ShipStation this part is often automated for you.

Select the Order

Go to the Orders list and click the order you intend to ship.

Click on the Ship button at the top of the page.

Add Shipping Information (Tracking Number)

In the Add Shipping Information section, click +Add Tracking Number to enter information about the carrier.

You will see three fields to customize:

Shipment Tracking CarrierYou can control the order of Shipment Tracking Carriers in Order Settings > Shipment Tracking
Tracking NumberEnter the tracking number for this shipment.

Edit Quantity (Optional)


You can create multiple Shipments for one Order!

The Qty on the Order may be adjusted to Partially Ship. You may create additional shipments for the remaining items on the Order.

Submit Shipment

When your shipment is ready to be completed, scroll to the bottom of your screen. You will have an option to Email Customer before submitting your shipment. When you're done, click Submit Shipment. Tracking information will be included on the New Shipment Email, and also in the Shipping & Handling Information within the Order screen.

Invoice & Ship

If you need to add shipping fees to the Invoice or simply want to Invoice at the time of Shipping, click the Invoice & Ship button at the top of the page.