Restricted Staff Account by Attribute: Custom Access

If you have Product, Customer or Order/Quote attributes set to Allow Staff Account Restrictions, a new section in the Role Permissions will show up called "Custom Access" that allows you to limit the Admin User's access by the values of that attribute.


Allow Staff Account Restrictions


To Enable Staff Account Restrictions, they need to be enabled in the Product, Customer or Order Attributes first.

Staff Account Restrictions are only available on Drop-Down type Attributes.

Product Attribute
Products > Attributes


Customer Attribute
Customers > Attributes


Order Attribute
Orders > Attributes


Configure Custom Access

Once you have enabled Staff Account Restrictions, you may configure the Custom Access.

Navigate to Team > User List > Create New User or edit an existing User

Click on Edit Permissions at the bottom of the page. Then click Use Custom Role, then Edit Custom Access


Here you may Configure Custom Access


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