Section 4: Customer Experience

Your store can be designed with a few priorities in mind.

  • Easy to place large orders with custom order form pages
  • Create Quotes without seeing price
  • Private store for approved customers
  • Easy navigation through categories and subcategories


The sections below will highlight other concepts and features to keep in mind when setting up your store.

Store Visibility

Learn how to set your store as Login-Only, Partially Visible, or Fully Visible here.

Customer Registration

We have many resources covering Customer Registration. Learn about Customer Registration Forms so that you can make decisions regarding how customers can set up their Accounts.

Product Restrictions

Products can be selectively displayed to certain Accounts. Learn about Product Restrictions here.


Quotes will play a large role in the Customer Experience of your store, if enabled.

The "Add to Quote" button can replace "Add to Cart" for certain products. Other Products may have both buttons to allow them to be added to Cart or to a Quote. Learn more about How Customers Use Quotes here.

Easy Order Forms

Zoey has multiple features to manage or provide a list of products for ordering.

  • Click here to learn how to create custom order lists on a unique page.
  • Click here for information on Quick Order Forms.

Only X Left

Your store will display the quantity in stock if it falls below the Only X Left threshold set in Web Settings > Product Settings.

  • Learn how to set the Quantity Available in Product and Category pages by clicking here.


There are many more Features and How-To's for designing your store!

Browse the index on the right side of this knowledge base for more guides.