CSV Column Headers List for Accounts

In this article you will find a guide to the various columns and their uses found in your CSV files.

Please refer to the Importing Accounts and Importing Customers tutorials following this page for templates, required fields and tips. Any of the below columns may be added to those templates as needed.


Note that these are case-sensitive and values should not be capitalized unless you have made them that way such as a Category Name or Attribute value.

account_nameThis is the name of the Account or Company you are adding. Account names must be unique.Best Stores
account_statusStatus may be Active or Inactive. If Inactive, the Account Owner may still be able to log-in to the Customer Web Portal but will not be able to submit Quotes or place Orders for the Account.Active = 1

Inactive = 0
account_owner_email_settingThis setting controls whether or not the Account Owner will receive emails when orders or quotes are placed for any location.Always receive all location emails = 1

Do not receive location emails = 0
account_owner_email_receive_own_settingOwner receives their own account emails when an order or quote is placed.Yes = 1

No = 0
account_owner_email_receive_as_cc_settingOwner is the default CC email on all orders and quotes. Note: Cc is typically used for Sales Reps while the account owner would be the main email address.Yes = 1

No = 0
account_owner_manage_customer_settingAllow the account owner to be able to add and invite customers.Yes = 1

No = 0
account_owner_manage_location_settingOnly Account Owners with permissions to manage locations will be able to create new, or edit locatioons.Yes = 1

No = 0
account_owner_manage_address_settingOnly Account Owners with permissions to manage addresses will be able to create new, or edit addresses.Yes = 1

No = 0
account_new_customer_groupAny new customers (including the owner) that are invited to the account will be assigned this Customer Group by default.General
account_owner_1Enter the email address of the account owner.

If there are more than one account owners, please add another column called account_owner_2, account_owner_3 and so on.

An account may have one or more owners. The owner has full permissions over the group and is typically the main point of contact for an account.
[email protected]
location_nameLocations are used when an Account has multiple business Locations that may require more than just different shipping addresses. A location may be the same as the account name or can be thought of as a "territory" to which multiple addresses may be linked.

location_name must match the _address_location_name.

If using more than one _address_location_name, list each one in individual rows below location_name
Best Stores NY
Best Stores CA
location_statusEnabled or disabledYes = 1

No = 0
_address_location_names_1Address Location Name is the name of the Address Location.

location_name must match the _address_location_name.

If using more than one _address_location_name, list each one in individual rows below location_name

Best Stores NY
_address_type_1Is this a bill-to address, a ship-to address or both?billing
_address_company_1The Company name on the addressBest Stores
_address_firstname_1Address First Name of Company ContactMary
_address_lastname_1Address Last Name of Company ContactBrown
_address_street_1Street Address of the Company100 S University Dr
_address_city_1Company Address CityMiami
_address_region_1Company Address State or Region 2 Letter CodeFL
_address_postcode_1Company Address Postal Code33025
_address_country_id_1Company Address Country 2 Letter CodeUS
NOTE: For additional addresses, repeat the above address series of headers using _2, _3 and so on.