Drafts vs Quotes

Drafts and Quotes share a lot of similarities, but Quotes are designed for nurturing sales leads, negotiating or for customers to request pricing. Quotes can be submitted for approval and pricing can be hidden from customers until the Admin decides they are ready to be seen. The customer will have the ability to edit the quote depending on Quotes Settings and Permissions set on the individual quote. Quotes can have statuses such as Available, Accepted, Open- Change Request and Converted to Order, They may be converted to Order multiple times.

Drafts are an essential part of the sales process where the Sales Rep or Customer needs to save their work for later or write multiple Orders in a short amount of time. Drafts are used with the intention of converting to an Order or a Quote. Customers or Sales Reps can save and work on several Carts simultaneously with the use of Drafts. Drafts do not hide pricing and don't have statuses like Quotes. Drafts disappear, they same way carts empty, once submitted as an Order or Quote.

Neither Quotes nor Drafts capture inventory until converted to an Order.


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