What are Accounts & Contacts?


Accounts are the parent organizations for Contactss. Accounts can have their own Net Terms accounts or other allowed payment and shipping options. They may have multiple locations and multiple contacts assigned to those locations with varying permissions.

  • An Account may have one or multiple Ship To Locations
  • A Location may have one or multiple Addresses
  • The Account Manager(s) have full permissions over the account to place orders or submit quotes. Account Owners may also manage Account Locations, Addresses and invite Users or "Additional Customers" to their account.
  • Additional Contacts may be invited or assigned to the Location(s) of an Account.
  • These Contacts may be assigned different Roles that can be configured with different Permissions such as requiring approval before placing orders.
  • An Account may have a Net Term account with a specified Credit Limit
  • A Location may have it's own Net Term account, separate from the Account's Net Terms
  • An Account may have specific allowed Payment and Shipping Methods
  • A Location may have it's own allowed Payment and Shipping Methods separate from the Account's


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Account Roles & Permissions

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